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The Centre

Lovelocks Polo Stud

Equine embryo transfer


Welcome to Lovelocks Polo Stud, Equine Embryo Transfer center, doomed to reproduction and breeding polo horses mainly. Equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and process quality.
Led by a team of veterinarians trained and specialized professionals in the field. Here you can combine the best bloodlines of vanguard organizations as Ellerstina and Ellerston, whose products excel in all tournaments worldwide. So you can get an Argentine polo product with all the qualities and skills necessary for this sport, it achieved the ideal horse for each client pole.
Facilities especially designed for the proper handling of animals, ensuring their safety with extensive pastures, pickets to donors for training newcomers, boxes, with tables, boxes and safe for donors pens. So we can provide the client feel as safe as we work every day doing their best to Lovelocks Polo Stud is positioned among the best centers in the world.

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