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  • Management of fresh and chilled semen.

  • Artificial Insemination.

  • Sperm freezing and freezing tests.

  • Sperm bank.

  • Semen quality examination with computerized SpermVision and evaluation of reproductive capacity ( fertility ) of stallions prior to the breeding season or for purchase / sale.

  • Semen marketing (export and import)



  • Embryo transfer (ET)

  • Hormonal treatments and Reproductive Management .

  • Impregnate donor attention .

  • Application of modern biotechnology for the treatment of mares with decreased fertility.

  • Rental donors.

  • Reproductive evaluation of mares to enter TE program or for purchase / sale.




  • Embryo transfer.

  • Refrigerated transport refrigeration and embryos.

  • Embryo vitrification.

  • Embryo Bank.

  • Embryo marketing. (export and import)



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